Friday, February 23, 2007


By John Olney, Feb. 23, 07

If you were at UVA Trattori, restaurant last Saturday, Feb. 17, you heard a “gentleman of Brass” who could belt out the classic jazz style. I was reminded of a hint of Miles Davies, a touch of Dave Brubeck and the great players in the Count Basie band. Backed with bass and guitar players, David Rocha was a refreshing mix of sounds that played well in the background to the room full of diners.

It took awhile, maybe about six pieces, into the first set before the audience realized what they were enjoying and then finally they applauded the talents of this trio. The music took me back in time to when I was a young Navy Ensign Officer passing through New Orleans on my way to Adak, Alaska, in 1965 and walking the alley ways seeking the sounds of the “Big Easy.”

My dinner was Risotto Braised Niman Ranch Pork Osso Buco over caramelized leek Risotto, and candied Kumquats, all very reasonably priced at $18.00. The meat fell off the bone it was tender. A delicious diner but, I’ve never been disappointed at UVA!

I added a glass of Trinchero Pinot Noir. The fruit was so pleasantly present; not hidden by man’s mad rush to think he/she can do better than nature. The wine stayed on the tip of my tongue until the next sip. It spread to the sides of my palette but never finished anything but softly and full of fruit, the way I like a Pinot wine to be.

Go to the very well done UVA Trattori, Web site where you’ll find their menu’s for lunch and dinner and their live jazz schedule of groups and dates. Fri. and Sat. are normally very busy so make the reservations or expect to wait, but they’ll get you fed.


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